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7th-Jun-2008 04:08 pm(no subject)
Last weekend I spent both afternoons out walking, on Saturday very locally, from Wainuiomata to Eastbourne - I figured that as I have to take the bus, I'm not tied to doing circular walks. The sunset was amazing, actually we've had great sunsets all week.


On Sunday, I did one of the Wellington walkways. There 5 or so of these, from 3 to 17km long I think so many people have recommended them that I really had to try one! I did the City to Sea walkway, which goes from central Wellington, through the botanical gardens, and then a load of small reserves and parks to get to the sea at Island Bay. It was very good, and nice to see a lot more of Wellington, though some of the early parts of the walk felt a bit contrived in how it tried to avoid roads.

The weather is forecast to be generally bad this weekend, and I've got a cold. So I decided that I'd have a restful weekend, catch up with the internet, house work and so on. Hopefully it will make my cold go, and the storms will give lots of snow on the ski hills, and lots of rain in the hydro lakes!
29th-May-2008 08:30 pm - Rainbows
I can't believe its Thursday night already, it feels like its only just been the weekend.

The most exciting thing to happen this week was me getting a computer, I can now use the internet at home. Yay! It was a right faff getting it - it was supposed to arrive on Friday, but it was shipped too late. Then it was going to arrive on Monday (so I went to work Sunday so I could stay home Monday morning to sign for it), but it went to Dunedin instead. Finally I got it on Tuesday, but couldn't get it to work until last night, phew!

Last Saturday I went for a walk between the rain showers in the western hills. Again a walk right from home, but not as epically long this time (still 10 miles though). There were some awesome rainbows, and I took so many photos.

rainbow gorse
22nd-May-2008 05:10 pm - Good and bad
So the bad news is, we're had to postpone Olly's flight back to NZ, so he wont be here until mid June :( The good news is it has been nice and sunny for a week, and I managed to entertain myself over the weekend.

On Sunday I went for a walk in the local hills right from our house. No buses or trains meant I could have a lie in but still start walking at 9am. I hadn't looked in much detail on the map when planning the walk, but saw that it went up to 400m as the highest point and looked to be about 10 miles long. I didn't pay much attention to how much actual up and down there was, so in the end the walk was almost 16 miles long and had 1000m of ascent!

The path up to the skyline ridge was nice, winding its way up through trees by a small stream to get to the main ridge. It was nice to finally walk along the skyline I can see from my office window. Then I headed along a tediously undulating side ridge on the other side. Eventually I got to the end of the ridge and the path descended, but this was still hard work - at first the path was very slippery wet clay, then it was very indistinct through trees. I was reliant on spotting pink paint marks on trees and went very slowly to avoid losing the path. I was so pleased when I finally got down to the road!

I was starting to get worried whether I would get back before dark, but I found a shop in Wainuiomata selling chocolate which cheered me up! The path back was really good, so I got back to civilisation before dark, in fact I even got home before dark. I think I had at least half an hour spare!

fungi Wellington
15th-May-2008 04:43 pm - Yoga
At work there is a lunchtime yoga session a couple of times a week. Yoga isn't something I'd thought of trying before - it seemed a bit trendy and I assumed you had to have some coordination. But it is free, so after weeks of thinking about it, I finally gave it a go last week. Today was my third session, and it is actually really fun. Kind of like playing twister but with someone telling you when to breath.

It is a great break from sitting hunched over a computer screen all day. I have great hopes that it will make me stronger and more flexible, and that the breathing control will help my asthma. Even if it doesn't magically do any of that it is a fun way to spend my lunch hour.
8th-May-2008 05:20 pm - Trip to the South Island
I have such good intentions of updating this at least once a week, but it rarely seems to happen. Last time I mentioned that we were going to go to the South Island for a day trip. It was a lovely day, we had to get up very early to get the train into Wellington to catch the ferry, but the ferry trip was great. The sea was very calm (thankfully!) and the views were amazing. We first got to see all the local stuff from a different perspective, then we got to sea lots of the South Island. The ferry comes in along the Tory Channel and the Queen Charlotte Sounds both of which are spectacular.

Once we got to Picton we spent most of the day going for a walk near the coast from Picton. I even swam in the sea (but only for the shortest of times because it wasn't very warm and I am a wuss). Then we had fish and chips by the sea before getting the ferry home. It was a long day but a enjoyable one (which is good becuase I now don't have an Olly for the next month or so).

We took way too many photos - about one every 4 minutes...

Queen Charlotte Sound Picton
25th-Apr-2008 09:28 am - Wellington and stuff
Today is a public holiday (ANZAC Day), so we get a three day weekend. It has come at a good time because Olly needs to go back to the UK for a month or two on Monday, it'll be nice to have a long weekend together first.


Last Sunday we went into Wellington for the day. We took the Cable Car up to the Botanical gardens, and spent most of the day walking through them back down to the city. They were much better than I expected - most of it felt a lot more natural than planted/landscaped and there was a huge variety of stuff. Its amazing how close to the CBD bit the gardens/parks go. There was still some of the day left so we went to Te Papa for an hour or so and then walked back along the waterfront, which was lovely because there was a full moon. In some ways it is nice not having a car for a bit as it forces us to visit the relatively local stuff.

Tomorrow we're going to take the ferry to the South Island for the day. Hopefully the weather will be OK!
15th-Apr-2008 05:11 pm(no subject)
The days are getting noticeably shorter as we approach Autumn (it still confuses my brain that it is April and not spring, I can see it taking me ages to learn). Knowing it will never get to the dark-at-4pm stage that I hated in the UK makes it a lot less bad. And it means that the sun sets before I've gone to bed!

On Sunday we went for a walk along the coast the other side of Wellington harbour to Wellington city. Lovely views across the harbour, and you could see the hills of the south island much more clearly than when I'd been there before. The sunset was really nice. I like living by the coast!

Sunset over Wellington
9th-Apr-2008 04:35 pm - Mt Ruapehu Weekend
Luckily, the weather here got better just in time for the weekend, so we went up to Tongrario National Park (the volcanic bit in the center of the North Island). We awoke on Saturday morning to mist, but luckily the weather improved as the day went on. We did the Tama Lakes tramp, a day walk from Whakapapa to the Tama lakes on the side of Mt Ngauruhoe. Amazingly the weather was at its best when we were at the Upper Tama Lake, the place with the best views of the whole walk!
Upper Tama Lake

The only downside of the surprisingly good weather is that we didn't have suncream or sunglasses. I really have to get use to the sun being a lot more intense here. I'm wondering if this will be the last weekend of summer, or if there is more good weather too come?

We were staying in a ski lodge on the side of the Mt Ruapehu, and were woken in the night by an alarm. I got all excited that it was the volcanic hazard alarm, and we were going to witness an eruption (from a close but safe place). Sadly it was just a confused fire alarm.
31st-Mar-2008 05:00 pm - Rainy Weekend
sunglasses. holiday, new zealand
I keep meaning to update this more regularly, so I have record of everything I am doing here in NZ, but I am so useless at remembering.

This weekend was really rainy, so we couldn't do anything too outdoorsy. On Saturday morning we went to the weekly farmers market in Lower Hutt. The produce is starting to be a bit more Autumnal - less salad things and fruit, and more/cheaper apples and root vegetables. My poor little brain is still struggling with the idea of it being both April and the end of summer at the same time.

In the afternoon we went into Wellington, hoping the weather would brighten up enough to visit the Botanical gardens. Sadly it got worse, so we spent the rest of the day in Te Papa, Wellington's main Museum. It was really good, but we got museum-ed out before we had seen anything like all of it.

Hopefully the weather will improve because we are going to back to Mt Ruapehu next weekend, and the walk/tramp that is planned will be a lot less fun in the wind and rain.
26th-Mar-2008 04:49 pm - Belmont Trig Walk
sunglasses. holiday, new zealand
As ever I haven't been good at keeping this up to date. I'm doing better at uploading photos each weekend onto Flickr at least.

We don't yet have a car, and had been to busy to arrange anything in advance for the four day Easter weekend. So we each got a Weekend Rover train ticket, which for 15NZD (~6quid) allowed us to travel on the 3 local train lines as much as we wanted for the whole weekend (including Friday and Monday). So we did a lot of stuff by train :)


Belmont Trig WalkCollapse )

We also did stuff on the other days of the weekend and the previous one, but I have written way too much already today!
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